Hedpay Announcements

Join us in welcoming itez to HEdpAY !

HEdpAY not just a fintech development company — they're the future of banking, which bridges the gap between traditional and crypto financing as DeFi.

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Another Great Partnership with HEdpAY

While developing HEdpAY, we’re making more partners and establishing more connections within the crypto industry. Today, we’d like to tell you about our collaboration of the year 2024 — meet ChangeNOW and their Group !

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HEdpAY Official Sponsor Partner

HEdpAY's Official Sponsor Partner, Invictus Ventures Ltd, an FCA Regulated Payment Institution, Have 10 years of payment industry expertise with a focus on Omnichannel PAAS, Fraud, and Risk management.

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ITEZ is the licensed international crypto exchanges, which allows you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other crypto currency within a couple of minutes simply by entering your card details and specifying the receiving wallet.

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